Severe Reliability & Performance Problems with a PE4600

David Hubbard dhubbard at
Mon May 17 18:01:01 CDT 2004

From: Mark Cuss [mailto:mcuss at] 
> Hmmm  - while we're at it - can someone recommend a good 
> gigabit switch?  Right now I have a 8 port Linksys EF3508.
> I'll likely need more ports in the next few months, so if
> I buy a new bigger one I'd like it to be the
> right one...  If anyone has any good or bad luck with a 
> particular make or model, I'd appreciate your input.

If you want cheap and unmanaged, get one from Dell with
your next server.  They're good for the low end.  I got a
48-port 10/100 as a spare for our regular switches since
they're so cheap.  I played with it a bit and it's a decent
buy for the price.  If you need advanced management, jumbo
frames, base routing, wirespeed sniffing, etc. then look at
Foundry (  They have middle of
the road and higher end with 24 and 48 ports of 10/100/1000.
Hot swap redundant power too if you need it.  Or there's
Cisco if you work for a big company and your boss will only
let you buy what he thinks is good. :-)


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