Grub / Boot Problem

jason andrade jason at
Fri May 14 21:59:01 CDT 2004

On Fri, 14 May 2004 nospam at wrote:

> I am having difficulties getting my PowerEdge 2400 to boot under a brand
> new RedHat ES 3.0 install.  The system is hanging before booting (after
> POST) with just the word GRUB and a blinking curser.

i've had this problem with the dell 2450 - it worked fine with grub for RH7.X
and RH8/9 but wouldn't with RHEL3.  in the end i gave up and used lilo which
works fine but i haven't yet bothered to lodge a bug report with redhat (or
dell) about this.

have you looked at bugzilla yet and/or called redhat support ?

i've tried the obvious things like having /boot (128M) and fdisking the
disk and so on with no luck.

> If anyone has any suggestions for things I might try to fix this, I would
> be most appreciative.

'me too'.  lilo is a workaround but not a great one considering.



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