PE2650 - kernel panic in RH8 even with change from tg3 to bcm5700

Peter Mueller pmueller at
Fri May 14 16:07:01 CDT 2004

> I have a PE2660 server with RH8 (2.4.18-14smp) that is locking up very
> frequently with Kernel Panic errors even after doing the following
> changes suggested in this list: Modified /etc/module.conf to 
> use bcm5700
> instead of tg3; and upgraded to the latest Broadcom and 
> PERC3/di drivers
> available from for RH8.

You could try the latest 2.6 kernel tg3, latest 2.4-pre kernel
(2.4.27-pre2) tg3, or buy yourself a gigabit intel.  The latest kernels
have lots of fixes from D.Miller.  I
don't know why people keep suggesting bcm5700.  If you are using Linux
you should 99% of the time stick with what the linux kernel guys believe
is the best driver; in this case, tg3.  The 1% exception I have seen is
with Donald Becker drivers back in 2.2 days.

I don't think these tg3 patches are in Rawhide kernels.  Obviously they
won't be in for RH8, but maybe fedora-legacy has it.  I doubt it though,
development @fedora-legacy by design trails RH.

If this was happening on a production machine for me I'd buy the Intel
cards without hesitation.  However, if you can afford another kernel
panic or don't want to shell out the $ then try the latest tg3.


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