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Thu May 13 19:16:07 CDT 2004

Hi all. 

I know this is a long shot I have a customer that is looking for the driver above to use on our Poweredge 750 The controller on the 750 is an Adaptec 2610 which is custom made for Dell servers (part number H2052.

I am looking for the following: 

We will be running the FreeBSD 4.x Tree (FreeBSD 4.9, FreeBSD 4.10 when it comes out) and also the FreeBSD 5.x Tree (FreeBSD >= 5.2.1) on these servers. 

It appears that there may not be proper framework in the source code for SATA so they drop down to UDMA2 (ATA33) compatibility mode, running a 'dd' i can only push 33MB/s to the disk.  

This part number is not listed on the Adaptec website and even if it was they do no list any freebsd drivers.  Someone in engineering would definitely have to be involved.

 I know it is a longshot but I had to try 



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