PowerEdge 4400, DLT drive not detected

Sean McAvoy sean.mcavoy at megawheels.com
Thu May 13 17:32:01 CDT 2004

I have a PE4400 with the embedded RAID (perc 3di). The container on the 
first channel is recognized,  and in the bios config tool it see the 
DLT attached to the second channel (external). The First channel is set 
to RAID, the second is set to SCSI.
The secondary SCSI controller is enabled, and the CDROM drive is 
When I load the aic7xxx driver the system recognizes the cdrom drive, 
but does not see the tape drive.
When I was using firmware A09 the DLT drive was recognized as it's own 
SCSI controller. I've since upgraded to A11, the most current.
It now does not get recognized (by the OS) as being attached. Other 
than purchase a SCSI controller for the tape drive, what suggestions 
does anyone have as to how to get it to work again.
Many thanks in advance.

Sean McAvoy
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