huge memory config problem, WAS: Cluster Help Needed

Florenz Kley florenz.kley at
Thu May 13 08:48:01 CDT 2004

hi Stephen,

Stephan Wonczak wrote on Thu, 29 Apr 2004:
>  This can possibly be similar to a problem we are seeing. When you have
> bucketloads of memory (8 GB or thereabouts), the kernel can start using a
> lot of time just managing the memory. The machine then can start eating
> 99% CPU in System (kswapd mostly) for minutes on end thus killing the

have you seen
especially the remark for 05_vm_28-shmem-big-iron-1

does this sound like your problem?  We are able to provoke such a
behaviour on current RHEL 2.1 kernels, too (RHEL3 not tested yet). As he
says, it seems to affect all 2.4 kernels.

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