PowerEdge 750: ata-piix HD - ide CDROM drive = kernel panic

Jonathan.Chan@csiro.au Jonathan.Chan at csiro.au
Wed May 12 17:45:00 CDT 2004

Dear all,

In a Dell PowerEdge 750, the SATA harddisk cannot be recognized by the
kernel (causing a kernel panic) if the cdrom drive is removed.

If the cdrom drive is put back, everything works fine!!!

Interesting enough, if I use the ata-piix driver provided by the Dell
CDROM, it works fine with Fedora core 1 even if I detach the cdrom

This problem seems to occur if I don't use the Dell provided ata-piix
driver image. However, since there is no source code, I can't recompile
the kernel.

I have also tried to use the stock standard ata-piix driver from

* Fedora core 1
* Fedora core 2 test 3
* Mandrake 10.0
* Debian Dell-specific cd image (debian-dell-2.4.25.iso)

they all cause a similar kernel panic if I have the CDROM drive

Any suggestions/comments are more than welcome...


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