Network UPS Shutdown

Thomas M. Payerle payerle at
Wed May 12 12:33:01 CDT 2004

> Kinda off topic. I have a PE2650 I want to shutdown using APC Network
> Shutdown (I have SmartUPS RM with a Web/SNMP Card). I am running RHEL 2.1
I have been using the snmp drivers with Network Ups Tools (NUT), an opensource
project, and although still tweaking the configuration, it seems to be pretty
good.  I have used older versions of Powerchute on assorted *nix boxes, and
while it more or less worked, I am intrigued with NUT for the following reasons:
1) open source, so do not have licensing issues preventing keeping the same
version of the software on multiple UPS/CPUs.  Also, somewhat less problematic
with ensuring support for older OS/OS versions.  And more transparent as to
what is actually happening, e.g. what it actually calls to shudown the system.
2) Although I am not that familiar with the latest Powerchute versions, I did
talk to an APC representative about a year ago at a trade show, and I thought
Powerchute was rather limitted in dealing with either a single UPS supplying
multiple boxes, or a box with multiple power supplies each fed from a different
UPS.  NUT does not deal with this perfectly either, but have at least appeared
to consider the issue to a much greater depth.
3) NUT has better command line support, which assists with scripting and
integrating with other systems (e.g. Nagios, MRTG).  Powerchute, as I remember
it, was all or mostly GUI, and has probably continued in that vein.
4) Although we are pretty much an all APC shop wrt UPSes, NUT supports multiple
vendor UPSes and having that freedom is nice.

There also is an apcupsd project.

Anyhow, I cannot offer assistance with Powerchute, but if you continue to have
problems, you may want to look at NUT.

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