Network UPS Shutdown

Jatinder Shoker jshoker at
Wed May 12 11:01:00 CDT 2004


Kinda off topic. I have a PE2650 I want to shutdown using APC Network
Shutdown (I have SmartUPS RM with a Web/SNMP Card). I am running RHEL 2.1
ES. The install goes ok but I can't use the browser to configure the server
to handle the events as I would like them. There is some authentication
problem. The dialog box pops up prompting for the userid and passwd, but it
never works. I wish I coud manually edit the configuration files that APC
use, but the whole setup uses some Java apps and the file format is strange.
I can't use a standard editor. Anyone have any suggestions on resolving the
browser issue or bypassing it by editing the config file?

Jatinder Shoker
Systems Administrator
Epson Research and Development Inc.
shoker.jatinder at

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