How OMSA can send a mail for each event

David ROBERT david at
Wed May 12 10:18:01 CDT 2004

How can OMSA send an email for each event  :

In syslog it write :

May 12 16:15:31 geek Server Administrator: EventID: 1254  Chassis 
intrusion detected  Sensor location: Main chassis intrusion  Chassis 
location: Main System Chassis  Previous state was: O
K (Normal)  Chassis intrusion state: Open

Can all theses messages be sent by email ?

I did this :

omconfig system alertaction event=intrusion 
execappath="/usr/local/bin/ 'Intrusion chassi'"
omconfig ...
omconfig ...

(for all events ..) send an email, but there is no way to get the message
sent to syslog ("intrusion detected  Sensor loc..").

Has anyone tried something like that  :

- Syslog send the log via email
- omsa send directly via email
- snmptrapd send directly via email (but how it can know the
   trap message ?)


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