UPS / non-UPS environmental monitoring

Thomas M. Payerle payerle at
Wed May 12 10:10:01 CDT 2004

> I'm currently using APC Smart-UPS's, and I've noticed that APC has
> environmental monitoring smartslot cards as well as some standalone
> environmental monitoring units.  They all seem to use versions of APC
> Powerchute software for control.  I've checked into NUT and apcupsd, but
> they don't appear to handle the temperature/humidity monitoring side.
I've had good results with APC MeasureUPS cards on a Matrix UPS with an
SNMP card, and on a Symmetra (which comes with a SNMP card).  It is relatively
easy to get temp and humidity out directly from SNMP or with NUT (using
SNMP driver).  We had it working using Powerchute also a number of years ago
from Tru64 Unix, and I thought powerchute supported linux.

I believe the NUT web page also talks about standalone temp/humidity sensors
which supposedly interoperate well with NUT.

Anyway, APC measureUps stuff works nicely via SNMP, have not tried to much with
serial connection.  Biggest problem is only 1 degree C resolution on temp.
But it saved us a couple of times last summer when they changed the HVAC to
a "more reliable" system :)

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