Dell PE 1650 and aacraid errors

pzero pzero at
Wed May 12 04:14:00 CDT 2004

On 10-05-2004 14:47, Matt Domsch wrote:

> And it took the disk offline.  Your RAID5 array is now operating in
> "degraded" mode, which you'll want to correct ASAP by replacing the
> failed disk.  If the system is still under a Dell support contract,
> call Dell Tech Support for a replacement disk.  If it's not, you'll
> want to replace the disk yourself ASAP.

thanks for the info, it looks like my co-worker took out the disk at 
ID#2 without letting me know and that caused the errors in the log files.

I am connecting remotely to the server and I didn't notice that the disk 
was missing ...

He is going to replace the disk because it already throw some errors in 
the past.

Do you know where I can get the documentation for the afacli utility?


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