performance tuning the Intel E100/E1000 ?

jason andrade jason at
Wed May 12 02:10:00 CDT 2004


I'm after feedback from people who may be tuning their
Intel EEPro 100/1000 NICs.

I've experimented with various settings but haven't been able to
come up with any definitive answer on tuning these things.  Can
someone else with more {time,knowledge} comment ?


alias eth0 e100
options e100 XsumRX=0 RxDescriptors=512

I've turned off the checksumming as this was a recommended fix
for the (spurious?) error messages that kept filling up the
syslog.  However i still don't know what's a good value for
the descriptors under the following conditions:

o standard general use machine
o heavily hit web/ftp servers (> 100Mbit outbound) interface
o heavily hit web/ftp servers private gigabit interface (NFS)
o heavily hit fileserver gigE interface (multiple gigE NFS clients)



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