Poweredge 2600 - Kernal Panic

Dean Rossi drossi at liquidcap.com
Tue May 11 17:55:00 CDT 2004

I'm running Redhat Linux 7.3 with a PERC 4/Di card. I have 4 disk's of 36Gb
set to Raid 10
I get the screen dump and the Server Freezes.
Is this a problem with the version of Linux requiring a kernel patch or is
there something else that needs to be looked at.
Screen Dump
invalid operand: 0000
autofs e1000 usb-uhci usbcore ext3 jbd megaraid sd_mod scsi_mod
CPU:    1
EIP:    0010:{<f883f924>]    Tainted: P
EFLAGS:    00010282
EIP is at journal_write_metadata_buffer [jbd] 0x74 (2.4.18-3bigmem)
eax: 0000001d    elix: 00000000    ecx: c02efac0    edx: 00005e5d
esi: 00000000    edi: ebbad8000    edp:e0a92e70    esp: ef6efe44
ds: 0018    es: 0018    ss:0018
process kjpuornald (pid: 196, stackpage=ef6e5000)
Stack:    f88440e1    00000196    00000d09    f11ch600    00000000
00000000    e0a92b70    00000000
              ebbad800    e0a92e70    f88cd94    ebbad800    e0a92b70
ef6e5e98    00000f17    f05e201
                00000000    00000fdc    e4f8b024    00000002    ebbad800
e0aa5b10    00000f17    ea697680
Call Trace:[<f88440e1>] .rodata.str1.1 [jbd] 0x4e1
[<f883cd94>] journal_commit_transaction [jbd] 0x7e4
[<c01191f8>] schedule[kernel] 0x348
[<f883f776>] kjournmald [jbd] 0x136
[<f883f620>] commit_timeout [jbd] 0x0
[<c0107286>] kernel_thread [kernel] 0x26
[<f883f640>] kjournald [jbd] 0x0


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