UPS / non-UPS environmental monitoring

Adam Williams awilliam at
Tue May 11 17:20:00 CDT 2004

There is a linux utlity called powerd that can work with APC smart 
UPS's.  APC may have their own linux client now though, it was 5 years 
ago when i used powerd.  as for the temperature monitoring, there is 
lm-sensors but I don't know if there is a utility that will shut down 
each computer.  perhaps you should put in a cheap wall mount AC unit 
with an adjustable thermostat and a bucket under it to catch the 
condensation ;)

Eric Swenson wrote:

>A little off-topic, but I'm looking for a decent setup to perform
>environmental monitoring in my small server room, as the HVAC tends to
>fail suddenly.  I need to protect my server equipment (PE4600 w/ RHEL ES
>3.0) along with a small linux cluster in the same room, to the point of
>automatically shutting down specific equipment as the temperature rises.
>I'm currently using APC Smart-UPS's, and I've noticed that APC has
>environmental monitoring smartslot cards as well as some standalone
>environmental monitoring units.  They all seem to use versions of APC
>Powerchute software for control.  I've checked into NUT and apcupsd, but
>they don't appear to handle the temperature/humidity monitoring side.
>Does anyone have any experience with these products, or could someone
>point me in the right direction to go?   
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