Trouble booting PowerEdge 2300 w/ PERC2/SC RAID

Greg Meece greg.meece at
Tue May 11 17:03:00 CDT 2004

[Note: I'm relatively new to using RAID with Linux, so pardon any
inadvertant missteps...]

I have flashed the BIOS to what (AFAIK) is the latest firmware version for
this device (Dell file P2SC313.exe - version 3.13).  Fedora now recognizes
it, and I can do an install.  However, upon reboot, the controller reports a
status timeout.

Startup Events:
  a.. All the bootup "noise" text about various adapters, etc.
  b.. GRUB presents the OS selector (this is not a multi-boot system - just
the base Core 1 kernel).  I select that and see lots of other initialization
  c.. It finally says "Activating I20 controllers..." and "This may take a
few minutes if there are many devices" (there are three 8.5 Gig drives
ganged as one RAID 5 logical disk).
  d.. After a long wait (~ 2 minutes?), I see "i2o/iop0: Get status timeout"
"Reset rejected", "trying to clear", "creating block devices", "root
devices", etc.
  e.. Finally, it says "scsi : aborting command due to timeout" and some
specific information about channel, etc.  It has a line that says "Read (10)
00 ..." and it just sits there.
AFAIK, I've got the latest firmware.  What I don't know (and I've tried
plenty hard to Google for this info), is how to set up the RAID adapter in
the BIOS setup and/or what might be the preferred disk setup.

With regard to the controller setup, here are some parameters I'm not sure
about (under PERC BIOS Configuration Utility: Management -> Objects ->
  a.. Disable BIOS (currently ENabled)
  b.. Emulation (I20 vs. Mass Storage - currently I20)
  c.. Various other settings I think are OK...
Any thoughts, insights, advice, etc. very much appreciated.


Greg Meece
Systems Analyst - Store Systems
Whole Foods Market
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