UPS / non-UPS environmental monitoring

Eric Swenson eric at
Tue May 11 16:55:01 CDT 2004


A little off-topic, but I'm looking for a decent setup to perform
environmental monitoring in my small server room, as the HVAC tends to
fail suddenly.  I need to protect my server equipment (PE4600 w/ RHEL ES
3.0) along with a small linux cluster in the same room, to the point of
automatically shutting down specific equipment as the temperature rises.

I'm currently using APC Smart-UPS's, and I've noticed that APC has
environmental monitoring smartslot cards as well as some standalone
environmental monitoring units.  They all seem to use versions of APC
Powerchute software for control.  I've checked into NUT and apcupsd, but
they don't appear to handle the temperature/humidity monitoring side.

Does anyone have any experience with these products, or could someone
point me in the right direction to go?   

Reaction Engineering INTL

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