Trouble booting PowerEdge 2300 w/ PERC2/SC RAID Matt_Domsch at
Tue May 11 10:46:01 CDT 2004

Please use the "Mass Storage" mode rather than I2O mode in the controller BIOS, and use the megaraid driver rather than the i2o storage driver.  The I2O mode doesn't work very well, while Mass Storage/megaraid work fine.


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[Note: I'm relatively new to using RAID with Linux, so pardon any
inadvertant missteps...]

I have flashed the BIOS to what (AFAIK) is the latest firmware version for
this device (Dell file P2SC313.exe - version 3.13).  Fedora now recognizes
it, and I can do an install.  However, upon reboot, the controller reports a
status timeout.

Startup Events:
  a.. All the bootup "noise" text about various adapters, etc.
  b.. GRUB presents the OS selector (this is not a multi-boot system - just
the base Core 1 kernel).  I select that and see lots of other initialization
  c.. It finally says "Activating I20 controllers..." and "This may take a
few minutes if there are many devices" (there are three 8.5 Gig drives
ganged as one RAID 5 logical disk).
  d.. After a long wait (~ 2 minutes?), I see "i2o/iop0: Get status timeout"
"Reset rejected", "trying to clear", "creating block devices", "root
devices", etc.
  e.. Finally, it says "scsi : aborting command due to timeout" and some
specific information about channel, etc.  It has a line that says "Read (10)
00 ..." and it just sits there.
AFAIK, I've got the latest firmware.  What I don't know (and I've tried
plenty hard to Google for this info), is how to set up the RAID adapter in
the BIOS setup and/or what might be the preferred disk setup.

With regard to the controller setup, here are some parameters I'm not sure
about (under PERC BIOS Configuration Utility: Management -> Objects ->
  a.. Disable BIOS (currently ENabled)
  b.. Emulation (I20 vs. Mass Storage - currently I20)
  c.. Various other settings I think are OK...
Any thoughts, insights, advice, etc. very much appreciated.


Greg Meece
Systems Analyst - Store Systems
Whole Foods Market

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