Kernel panic: no init found

Colin Jenkins colin.jenkins at
Tue May 11 10:23:01 CDT 2004

I have had a similar problem and I admit to being confused.

We have a 1750 with an onboard PERC4/Di card running RH AS 2.1 2.4.9-e.24, we have installed the RPMS for 2.4.9-e.38, amended lilo.conf and updated lilo.

Looking at /etc/modules.conf and the output from lsmod I can see that we are currently using megaraid_2002

When we rebooted we also got "kernel panic: no init found", I then had to talk an operator in the data centre through selecting the e24 kernel on the lilo screen.

So, from what I have read this indicates thar megaraid_2002 is not in the e38 kernel, yet if I look in '/lib/modules/2.4.9-e.38/kernel/drivers/addon' I can see both megaraid_2002 and megaraid2 are there.

Maybe I have a different issue ? Does anyone have any ideas ?

Should I still have run a mkinitrd first ?

Anyway, which driver should I be using ?

What is the naming convention for these megaraid drivers, megaraid_2002 sounds to me to be later than megaraid2, where are these documented ?

Apologies for all the ??




Colin Jenkins

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If you are like us and had Perc 3/Di controllers
the modules changed for the raid controller..

Step back to the old kernel and the machine will
boot then perform these steps..

rpm -e the new kernel versions.

Then change the /etc/modules.conf
from megaraid_2002  megaraid2.

Then run the up2date command again.

This worked on 9 machines I just upgraded
in the past 2 days....


At 19:19 11/05/2004 +0900, SHIBATA, Makoto wrote:
>Redhat Enterprise 2.1AS
>Dell 1750
>I update rpms from RHN.
>from 2.4.9-e.3 to 2.4.9-e.40.
>Install successful end RHN gui.
>grub menu
>  Red Hat Linux (2.4.9-e.40smp)
>  Red Hat Linux (2.4.9-e.40)
>"Kernel panic: no init found"
>  Red Hat Linux Advanced Server-up (2.4.9-e.3)
>boot normally.
>Dell 1750 has two cpus.
>We want to use "2.4.9-e.40smp".
>Is there any procedure or tasks for kernel intallation
>from RHN ?
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