Powervault 120T + 6450

Jim Nessen jnessen at razorstream.com
Tue May 11 10:15:01 CDT 2004

Good Morning...

I'm trying to get a Powervault 120T hooked up to a PE 6450 and having 
some problems.

The PE 6450 has 2 onboard Ultra160 SCSI adapters (Channel A & B), and 
whenever I plug the Powervault into the 6450 and boot it up, I get a 
Host Adapter Configuration Error, SCSI BIOS not loaded.  And then once 
linux is loaded (RH 9), it does not detect the PV.  Obviously if it's 
unplugged, the PE throws no errors and boots.  Thinking it was the PE, I 
plugged the Powervault into a PE 6350 and got the same error.  Has 
anyone else ran into this and if so, what can I do to solve this?



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