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If the Ultrium is attached to a PE2650, to what have you attached the
tape drive? My first guess would be that you have attached it to the
RAID controller. No, there is no st.o driver that should be loaded. Tape
devices are not mounted (and therefore need no drivers) instead they are
accessed as raw devices. Find out what port/card to which the tape drive
is attached and reply.

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I have some trouble with my  RedHat Linux AS 2.1. The hardware browser
sees the "SEAGATE ULTRIUM06242-XXX" tapedrive, and states:
Manufacturer: Unknown
Driver: ignore
Device: /dev/st

Should'nt there bee something like a "st.o" driver loaded? And should'nt
the device bee /dev/st[0..x] ? What is wrong here? I'v tried all the
st[0..x] devices and the nst[0..x] devices.

The command #mt -f <device> status, fails for all devices. TapeWare
is'nt able to see the TapeDeviece.

System: Dell PowerEdge 2650
Any ideas would bee appreciated!!

Kind regards, O.T.Storli

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