LTO Device No connect (PowerVault 110T)

ots ots at
Tue May 11 05:01:01 CDT 2004


I have some trouble with my  RedHat Linux AS 2.1. The hardware browser sees the
"SEAGATE ULTRIUM06242-XXX" tapedrive, and states:
Manufacturer: Unknown
Driver: ignore
Device: /dev/st

Should'nt there bee something like a "st.o" driver loaded? And should'nt the device bee /dev/st[0..x] ?
What is wrong here? I'v tried all the st[0..x] devices and the nst[0..x] devices.

The command #mt -f <device> status, fails for all devices. TapeWare is'nt able to see the TapeDeviece.

System: Dell PowerEdge 2650
Any ideas would bee appreciated!!

Kind regards, O.T.Storli

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