Apparent MegaMon memory problems with Debian

Joe Stevens joe at
Tue May 11 03:38:00 CDT 2004


> Fortunately, we already have this setup after I posted on this list a 
> while back asking for information. This method appears to be working 
> fine. The only thing I miss is the consitency checking. I am guessing 
> the only way to achieve this now is to take the box off-line and do it 
> through the bios?
Nope, the solution is a little ugly but its not quite that bad:

Keep the Megamon package installed, and have cron start it every (for 
example) sunday morning at 4:50am with the command below:

MegaCtrl -start -cons -h5 -w1 -d0 -LogProg60

That command tells megamon to start a consistancy check every sunday at 
5am.  Then have cron execute the following command at 5:10am on sunday:

MegaCtrl -stop

This will cause MegaCtrl to exit, but the consistancy check should still 
be going on in the background.  You can add a "> /dev/null 2>&1" to the 
end of the crontab entry and a -disMail to the MegaCtrl command line to 
keep root from getting SPAMed everytime this happens, and you should be 
good to go.  Since MegaServ only runs for 20 minutes, it will only eat 
up a max of about 3 meg of memory during that time, and the memory will 
be freed when it exits.

If a consistancy check find a problem, the array should become degraded 
-- which will be caught by your normal scripts monitering /proc.


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