Repost: Migrate RAID5 to RAID10 on CERC SATA1.5/6ch RAID controller?

David Kinnvall david.kinnvall at
Tue May 11 01:21:01 CDT 2004

Hi all,

CERC SATA1.5/6ch RAID in a PE700, using aacraid under RHEL3:

According to docs, it should be possible to migrate an existing
RAID5 array to become a RAID10, without recreating from scratch,
i.e migrating online. Anybody knows the exact steps using afacli
or the BIOS panels for this?

The docs are not forthcoming on the details. Peruse them at:

Seth Mos answered my original message, but I am still looking
for somebody who has either done it or knows for sure whether
it can be done or not. Seth and I are of the same opinion in
this case; it should be possible but reluctance prevails.

It's a new machine so I can handle a failure without too much
grief, but I still need to know the steps/commands to even try
it out, and as I said, the docs are not clear on this.


(FWIW, I have an open case against Dell tech support on this, but
  no further replies from them yet. My service tag, should it be of
  any use, is: 3TVL31J. It's a PowerEdge 700 with three 250GB disks
  in RAID5, soon to become four in RAID10, hopefully via an online
  migration procedure, else via complete reinstall...sigh.)



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