Apparent MegaMon memory problems with Debian

Charlie Orford spam at
Mon May 10 12:27:01 CDT 2004

Seth Mos wrote:

> What kernel was this? Mine happend on 2.4.22 and up.

The problem occured with kernel 2.4.25. I can't tell you if earlier 
kernels were affected as we only installed the megamon package once we 
had moved to 2.4.25. My guess is that, like you, we would have seen the 
same problem with kernels 2.4.22 upwards.

> A workaround for the monitoring issue is switching to the megaraid2 
> driver. The megaraid2 driver includes useful statistics in /proc which 
> can be used to monitor the raid.
> Some shell script examples are found in the archive. The basic thought 
> behind the shell scripts is to diff the current /proc content against a 
> known good configuration.

Fortunately, we already have this setup after I posted on this list a 
while back asking for information. This method appears to be working 
fine. The only thing I miss is the consitency checking. I am guessing 
the only way to achieve this now is to take the box off-line and do it 
through the bios?

> My cerc config is the same, consisting of 2 80GB disks.

Ours are 2 250GBs (Maxtor I think).

I find it interesting that you and I both experienced exactly the same 
problem. Presumably there are other people out there using debian and 
MegaMon? Is it possible it could be related to the CERC controller 
rather than the PERC? My main reason for this assumption is that I'm 
sure we would have seen one or two other people posting with the same 
problem but we havn't. As I understand it, the CERC is less common than 
the PERC. Maybe this explains the lack of other people experiencing the 


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