device sequence problem with PE6650 lvsoft at
Mon May 10 00:45:01 CDT 2004

Hi all, 
  we have ordered a DELL PowerEdge 6650 with a disk array. I configured the disk array with RAID5(Logical channel-1), and build-in disks with RAID1(Logical channel-0), and installed RedHat AS version 3 in it.
  The problem is when I boot the system, the linux kernel recognized the disk array as sda, and build-in disks as sdb, and I can't find a place to define the sequence. What's more, after a power-failure, the sequence just swapped. Hence the grub which once installed in sda becaming sdb, and the system can't boot up.
  I have tried DELL support. They told me a tool named devlabel could solve the problem, but after reading the description of the tool, I thought it won't work.
  Could anyone please tell me where to set the device sequence? Thanks a lot.


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