Apparent MegaMon memory problems with Debian

Charlie Orford spam at
Sat May 8 11:43:00 CDT 2004

Hello list,
I think I may have identified a problem with the Debian port of MegaMon 
which appears to cause kernel memory allocation failures.

After installing megamon_3.6-1_i386.deb we began to see exactly the same 
problems that a regular poster to this list (Seth) identified in 
December of last year. See his post here: 

MegaMon installs fine and the MegaCt32 script works (it sends emails and 
does consitency checks etc.). However, after roughly 48 hours we start 
to see multiple entries in the syslog like this one:

May  4 02:10:49 panama kernel: __alloc_pages: 0-order allocation failed 
May  4 02:10:49 panama kernel: VM: killing process pure-ftpd

Eventually, most processes get killed (including ssh) and we are forced 
to reboot the box.

After googling for some more information, I came across Seth's post to 
this list an, sure enough, as soon as we stopped and removed MegaMon the 
box has been fine. If we re-install MegaMon the same problem re-occurs.

This is using megamon_3.6-1_i386.deb under Debian woody with kernel 
2.4.25 on a PE650. We use a CERC raid controller in RAID1 mode.


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