Installing Red Hat 7.2 on a PowerEdge 1750

Andy Hsu ahsu at
Fri May 7 21:50:01 CDT 2004


Have been at wits end trying to make this work.  RH 7.2 refuses to
recognize the onboard PERC4/DI controller configured with a RAID 5
container.  We need to use 7.2 due to a legacy in-house application that
has only been certified for use on this version.

On, I noticed drivers for several versions
of RH, but no 7.2.  Since AS 2.1 is based off of 7.2, I tried the drivers
for it (via "linux dd" during install), but came up empty.  I followed a
few threads, and people with similar issues are told to upgrade to newer
versions of the driver, etc., but while I have downloaded the source files
for the latest versions, I'm not familiar enough with compiling to know
what to do with them.

I know it's not a hardware issue because I can install RH AS 3.0 on the
machine with no problems at all.

Any help would be much appreciated!  Thank you for your time.
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