error e13f4 PCI PARITY

Pablo Maurin pmaurin at
Fri May 7 13:26:00 CDT 2004

Hey guys, i found my 2650 locked up a few days ago, the LCD was 
scrolling PCI PARITY e13f4. And my linux box said something about a 
kernel panic. I tried rebooting, shutting off the power completely for 
30 secs and plugging back in, it was the same error on the LCD. I also 
noticed it gave me a weird error in my shell while i was doing things. 
Something about kernel getting an NMI and that one of my RAM chips are 
probably messed up. Also after i rebooted my switch, i guess the 2650 
was renewing its IP info, and it crashed with a kernel panic. This 
happened every time i reset my switch. Oh and also i couldnt get any 
network connectivity even though the configurations were correct because 
i have a 1750 that works just fine.

I read on dell's website that e13f4 means theres a PCI card that has 
failed, or the system board failed. The only PCI card we had was a SCSI 
card. I removed it and booted the 2650 and it was still spitting out the 
same errors. It seems it has to do something with my two integrated 
gigabit NIC's.

Any one had a similar problem? How was it resolved?


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