fdisk unable to read /dev/sdb

Rechenberg, Andrew ARechenberg at shermanfinancialgroup.com
Fri May 7 09:35:01 CDT 2004

Is /dev/sdb showing up in the boot messages.  You can check by running:
dmesg | less
and looking for sdb.


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	Subject: fdisk unable to read /dev/sdb


	     I have installed Red Hat AS 2.1 on a Poweredge 250 with a
Powervault 220S attached.  The 220s has been configured as RAID 10.
However, when I tried to partition the logical drive on the RAID storage
with fdisk, I received the error "unable to read /dev/sdb".  Can anyone
help point me in the right direction?  Thanks for your help.


	Martha Flugstad

	Network Services

	Arkansas State University


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