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Make sure that ftp and telnet daemons are on and running.
chkconfig wu-ftpd on
chkconfig telnet on
service xinetd restart
chkconfig --list
look under the xinetd section at the bottom and telnet and wu-ftpd
should both say on and if not they aren't installed and will need to
install the server parts of them.  Ftp and telnet out are using the
client portions in linux which are completely separate from server


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Dear Sir(s) 

I am new to Linux. And I have loaded Advanced Server 2.1 to our
PowerEdge 2600. The system is running fine. But, we can only telnet or
ftp out of the server, not into it. Can you please provide me a solution
to this problem or instructions to solve it. The Firewall was

Thank you, 

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