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Thank you for contacting Starry Night Customer Software Support.

In an effort to serve you better, questions to Starry Night Software Support must now be submitted via our web site. By doing this, we hope to reduce the unwanted (spam) email we receive every day, and will result in faster response times to your software support questions. To help us speed up response times for everyone, we ask that you review our Online Support Resources (see below) before submitting a question. If your question remains unanswered, please submit your original question to Starry Night Software Support via our Customer Software Support Question form.

Note: A mini FAQ with the most common support issues is provided at the end of this email.

The following Online Support Resources are available to you:

Knowledge Base and FAQ

Your access point to Starry Night technical support on the web - 24/7. Please review the support files carefully before submitting a question. In most cases you will find an answer to your question here.

Starry Night Discussion List (Ask A User)

This is a free forum for Starry Night users; it is the place to ask questions of other Starry Night users (or to answer them).

To sign up for the discussion group please visit:

Learn more about the Starry Night Discussion list at:

Customer Software Support Question Form

Starry Night Software provides software customer support to registered users of Starry Night. Before submitting, please be sure to check the specific support page for your version of Starry Night to see if your question as been answered.

Thank you for your interest in Starry Night!

Starry Night Customer Software Support Team


Starry Night Software Support - Common Questions & Quick Answers


I downloaded the trial version of Digital Download but did not receive a registration number by email?

If you did not receive an email with you registration number, please click on the link below to have one generated for you:

I have lost or can't find my registration number?

If you own a CD version of Starry Night, your registration number is on the front or back inside page of the Starry Night User's Guide. This page is colored to distinguish it from the rest of the book. Astronomy Plus and Deep Space Explorer owners will find the registration number in the sticker attached to the paper sleeve or plastic case of the CD.

If you own Starry Night Digital Download, your registration number was emailed to you at the time of purchase. If you do not have your original email, please contact orders at with your name, full address and telephone number used at time of purchase.

The download connection for Digital Download was terminated partway through for some reason. What happened?

A connection can be cut off for many reasons. If the server is very busy, it may not transfer any data for a certain period of time, and your browser may think that the connection has been lost. You may wish to try downloading at a different time of day when the server is not likely to be so busy.

You might also want to try a download manager that can resume broken downloads:Â (Windows and MAC)

What is the difference between Enthusiast and Digital Download?

Starry Night Enthusiast Digital Download is a 'Lite' version of Starry Night Enthusiast. Compared to Enthusiast is contains less stars (35 000 total versus 2 million) and lower resolution surface images for solar system bodies. No movies are included. A User's Guide and Companion Book are provided in PDF format.

Nothing happens or I get an error message when I click on one of the movies in the 'Movies' pane.

This can happen if movie files (.mov) are associated with a different media program instead of QuickTime. To fix this, insert the Starry Night CD and choose "Install QuickTime" from the window that pops up. Choose the "Recommended" install option. At one point in the installation process, there will be a screen titled "File Type Associations". Make sure that the box marked "Macintosh file types" is checked. This will associate .mov files correctly with QuickTime. Other movie file types (for example, mpeg or avi files) will not be affected. After QuickTime has been installed in this manner, the movies in Starry Night should play properly.

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