Firmware update runs on Windows only?!!

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Thu May 6 13:27:00 CDT 2004

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>Subject: Firmware update runs on Windows only?!!
>Date: Wed, 5 May 2004 15:33:10 +0100
>We have a PE2650 with an internal LTO2 tape drive. It runs Dell-installed
>Dell have just told me that I need to update the tape drive firmware to
>prevent possible data loss. They sent instructions, but only for Windows.
>Dell support also say that the update utility runs under Windows only. I
>checked the download page and found R68713.EXE, and, sure enough, it says:
>  "Firmware update utility must be executed from a computer running Windows
>NT 4.0, Windows 2000, or Windows 2003 operating systems."
>Dell's suggested workaround is to move the tape drive to another machine
>which runs windows and update it there.
>Anybody know any other way to do it?

Make bootable disk on a Windows 2000 box and copy that file to it. Make your 
poweredge boot from floppy, install  the disk and run the firmware update 

I have used this way to flash BIOS on my PE 2300 and it worked for that.

Mark M English

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