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>From the error it seems like you didn't install the whole OMSA stack but
just the Server Administrator instrumentation piece. 

"service omawsd start" is the command to start Server Administrator
service daemon.

Did you install the Entire stack ?



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I don't know, if this was already a topic on the list. If so, I am
sorry, but I just have subscribed to the list yesterday.

I have installed the server administrator 1.7 on a rhel 3, that has
mounted most directory via nfs and has no write access to these.

Well, due to my restricted write access, I have linked the /dev/EsmDev
to /var/dev/esm0, which I generated using mknod.
I also linked the /etc/openmange/omsa/.omsaipc to a place with write

The dellomsa seems to to start alright:

Starting Server Administrator Instrumentation:
Starting dcstor32d:                                        [  OK  ]
Starting dcevt32d:                                         [  OK  ]
Starting dcsnmp32d:                                        [  OK  ]

But when I want to get some information, I get this error:
# omreport chassis biossetup
Error! Invalid XSL path

Obviously some piece is still missing in my puzzle. Any hint to get rid
of the Invalid XSL path?


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