Cannot communicate

Seth Mos seth.mos at
Thu May 6 01:34:00 CDT 2004

Dale Williams wrote:
> Dear Sir(s)
> I am new to Linux. And I have loaded Advanced Server 2.1 to our 
> PowerEdge 2600. The system is running fine. But, we can only telnet or 
> ftp out of the server, not into it. Can you please provide me a solution 
> to this problem or instructions to solve it. The Firewall was de-activated.

I suggest using SSH instead of telnet. The ssh server is enabled by 
default with RHES 2.1.

SSH is not only more secure but you can easily copy files to and from 
the server using scp or sftp (which runs through the ssh server).

An excellent terminal client we use is Putty (search google for putty 
and press I'm feeling lucky). A very good scp/sftp client is Winscp.
Again search google for that one.

Both these clients are free and work very well on a day to day basis.

If you must have ftp you can install the relevant wu-ftpd packages from 
the CD. Do not forget to disable possible incoming firewall rules which 
would prevent logging in remotely. You can check this by trying to 
connect to localhost on the machine (eg. telnet localhost 21)

Kind regards,

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