RHEL2ES kernel question

Peter Mueller pmueller at sidestep.com
Wed May 5 15:47:01 CDT 2004

> Thanks for clearing that up for me. I wasn't aware of how Redhat did 
> their kernels. I'm still accustomed to doing them by hand. Is there a 
> specific spot on the Redhat website where I can learn more about how 
> they approach kernel construction? I'm particularly interested in 
> how 2.4.9-e.XX relates to 2.4.26 on a plain vanilla kernel.

Since you are a slackware fan, I think the best place is to use the source.
Grab a source RPM of the latest kernel file.  Install the .src.rpm, then go
to /usr/src/redhat/SPECS/ and check out the kernel spec file.  The changelog
and the patch sources should tell you what is going on.

> I can see now that I need to invest more time into becoming more
> familiar with the Redhat way of doing things. Time to buy more books!

I don't know about that.  I don't know of a "Redhat way of doing things"
book; I've bought a few and found them to be lacking.  Here is a nice
document that will give you a general idea of how system administration
tasks work with RedHat.  Of course, google is your friend too :)

on-v2.0.pdf (available as a book, see the tldp link).



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