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Florenz Kley florenz.kley at
Wed May 5 11:15:01 CDT 2004

hi Anthony,

Anthony Porcano wrote on Wed, 28 Apr 2004:
> triggering this in the first place. Why do they function for several
> hours and then both start freaking out? What is that first message we

where did I leave my crystal ball... never there when you need it ;-)

Do I assume corectly that you have a quorum device as partition on the
shared disk, like quorum on /dev/sdb1, and data on dev/sdb2 and so on? On
Linux and Windows, I have seen funny problems with clusters, not exactly
like your log messages, but similar in system behaviour. They usually
disappeared when we set up the shared SCSI storage with dedicated LUNs for
quorum and data partitions.

setting up multiple LUNs: on a megaraid, there is the "size" option when
you create a logical volume, which is by default the maximum available in
the chosen array config. Setting that to a smaller value gives you the
option of creating multiple LUNs, that appear as separate SCSI disks to
the OS.

Note that it's just necessary to create different LUNs for the quorum and
the rest; it would be a bad idea to create severals LUNs in the same array
that hold data, you can do this with partitioning without putting the
additional load on the RAID processor.

hth - regards,

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