move serveradministrator to another server

Cornelius Koelbel cornelius.koelbel at
Wed May 5 10:29:01 CDT 2004


I have installed the server-administrator-1.7.0.tar.gz on a poweredge 2650 running rhel 3.
I have some more servers and I'd like to have the server manager on these servers too. But I can not _install_ the servermanager on the 1750's, since I have no X running and for some other reasons, too.

I saw on the 2750, that there were thre rpm's generated and installed:


So I installed these rpm's on the 1750. Now I'd like to run omconfig and omreport on the 1750's. _But_ these programs were not in the rpm's.

Then I _copied_ the om-programs to the 1750.

Now my questions:

- What are all the files, I have to copy? 
- Is it a feature of the 1750, that I can not set
   omconfig chassis biossetup attribute=nic


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