PowerEdge 1600SC and PERC 4/SC SNMP monitoring

Matt Dainty matt at xrefer.com
Wed May 5 09:45:00 CDT 2004


I have a PowerEdge 1600SC running an up-to-date Whitebox 3.0 that has a
PERC 4/SC (MegaRAID) controller fitted, and I'm trying to get SNMP
monitoring working.

The dellmgr utility seems to work okay, (albeit with a slightly garbled
font), but running percagent returns "No adapters found", and I can't
get any response from the SNMP subagent either. SNMP appears to be
working as I can query the Dell Hardware MIB's okay.

I'm using the lin_apps_a04.tar.gz bundle, which doesn't look too recent.
Is the 4/SC supported?



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