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May i introduce my self as Mr.Park Sang Gi,an Asian accountant 
presently living in Tokyo,Japan

I saw your profile on the internet and decided to make Direct enquiries 
about possible opportunities of investing some ubstantial amount of funds 
in your line of business knowing fully that your Country is a Tax free 
Haven for large scale Investments.

If you can assure me that you can guide me through the investments 
opportunities in your Country ,i will give you more details on how much 
funds and how i want you to invest it.You will be expected to provide the 
ideas and we will finance it with the funds that i am going to send to you 
by wire transfer.

I want you to be aware that we trade with the bank's excess funds.The 
total amount for the investment have been worked out from annual 
balance excesses in the last five years at the bank,i am working with 
some of my colleagues and we intend to give out these funds to 
prospective individuals or companies that are capable of investing certain 
amount of funds.We shall agree on the amount we will be making monthly 
or yearly from the investment.We are doing this business on our own and 
the bank's management is not involved.

If interested,we would sign a binding agreement to cover our investment 
and i will immediately make provision for you to receive the investment 
Amount from Europe.Let me know if it is possible for you to invest on our 
behalf in your Country.Also let me know about Your Country's tax laws on 
investments in your Country and I will send you the all necessary details.

The account that you are expected to provide will be a zero balance 
account and will temporarily be used to get the funds deposited in your 
custody. Because of the amount we intend to invest in your Country and 
because we are carrying out this investments with the bank's excess 
funds,We need to consider a more elaborate legal structuring to protect 
and preserve these assets in your names only but we'll be major share-
holders in the investment business in your Country.

To accomplish this aim and if you have the technical know-how,We'll 
conclude in the shortest time possible.I will expect your response with 
your full contact details so that i can send you the stage by stage process 
of the project.

Endeavour to Reply Through My Email Address only.

Park Sang Gi

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