Crash on PE1750 - RH7.3 megaraid 1.18f

Pierre POMES ppomes at
Tue May 4 09:35:00 CDT 2004

Just to be more understandable : "no rpm file is proposed by Dell or 
RedHat". I know that dkms packages are provided.

So should it be better to use the 1.18k instead of the 1.18f ?


> Hi all,
> I changed my PE2650 (perc3/di) to a PE1750 (perc4/di) last week. When 
> I moved on the PE1750, I just did a "dd" command to copy all datas 
> from the PE2650 to the PE1750. I also did a new initrd image in order 
> to boot properly with the megaraid driver on the PE1750. The kernel is 
> RH 7.3 kernel, version is 2.4.20-20.7smp, and the megaraid driver is 
> the 1.18f included in this kernel. The main idea was to keep the new 
> system very similmar to the old one (expect the megaraid driver versus 
> the aacraid for PERC3/DI).
> The 2650 has been up for 217 days, I was very happy with the stability 
> of this system on RH7.3. Unfortunatly, the new PE1750 crashed 7 days 
> after I put in production : this morning the machine was responding to 
> ping requests, but all telnet sessions I tried remained blocked on 
> "Escape character is '^]' (no prompt was displayed). All service on 
> the system were unreachable (mysq, jboss). So I just rebooted with the 
> DRAC card..
> My question : did someone have bad experience with the 1.18f megaraid 
> driver for the PERC4/DI on RH7.3 ? I guess the system crashed because 
> of this driver, but I have absolutly no kernel crash in /var/log/... 
> And this is the only thing that has been changed between the PE2650 
> and the PE1750.
> Should I use the 1.18k ? This driver seems to be recommended on 
>, but I did not use it because no rpm file is 
> proposed by Dell or RedHat.
> Thanks,
> Pierre
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