RHEL2ES kernel question

Phillip Barker BarkerP at co.curry.or.us
Mon May 3 17:58:01 CDT 2004


I'm more familiar with Slackware, so some RedHat routines are unfamiliar to
such as how to work around problems when upgrading the kernel.

On my freshly installed RHEL2ES server running kernel 2.4.9-e.12smp, I just 
finished fixing up2date so it works correctly but I've run into something 
weird that I need your feedback on.

I see that at kernel.org the most current kernel is 2.4.26. But with up2date
I see the most recent kernel offered is 2.4.9-e.40. 
When running up2date, a dependency error happens that makes no sense to me. 
The error is a kernel headers conflict of /usr/include/asm/a.out.h with 
glibc-kernheaders-2.4-7.16. I've also had the same error occur when running
rpm manually against manually downloaded rpms from redhat, so I'm confident
that up2date is working correctly although the kernel upgrade flopped.

I'm considering building my own custom kernel but I'm unsure just how custom
the current kernel built by Redhat may be. Is this likely to cause more
than it's worth? The hardware platform for the server is a Dell 2650
running RAID5 on a perc3di.


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