Moving drives between Perc 3/Di cards

jason andrade jason at
Mon May 3 17:18:00 CDT 2004

On Mon, 3 May 2004, Jean-Paul ARGUDO wrote:

> But, I would like your advice about the Perc 3/Di (rev 01):
> What to do to upgrade it? Shall we do it? What will we gain? Is there
> any risk in doing such?

you can download the latest firmware from dell's support web site.  i've
generally had good experiences with flash upgrades (i.e i've not had any
problems as of yet) and it is probably the first thing dell support would
recommend.  you gain the bug fixes that a new firmware brings.

there is always risk in an upgrade but i would say it is minimal.  as usual
make sure you have backups to fall back to if needed.

the other thing to consider is what OS you are running and if you have the
latest kernel available for that OS (e.g if you are running RHEL then do you
have the latest errata kernel installed).  later kernels may contain newer
OS drivers for the raid controller.



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