Recreating the Utility Partition on a PE 2650

Frank Louwers frank at
Mon May 3 10:54:01 CDT 2004


The Utility Partion got deleted on one of our Dell systems. I tried to
recreate it by booting the Dell CD-ROM and selection "Create Utility
Partition", but when I try to boot it, it just shows a "Starting MS-DOS"
line, and then stops. When I mount that partition from a Linux system,
the files seem to be there, so I guess it's the dos bootloader that's
fubared. As the disk volume|container is on a Perc3 contoller, I can't
grab a dos-floppy and issue a sys c: command.

Any clue how to recreate this partition (or where to download dos
drivers for the perc or how to run certain tests without the utility

Kind Regards,
Frank Louwers

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