Moving drives between Perc 3/Di cards

Jean-Paul ARGUDO jean.paul.argudo at
Mon May 3 04:33:00 CDT 2004

Josh Lothian wrote:
> So we have a PE2650 hanging randomly on us.

Here we have 2 PE1650 and 1 PE1650.

All come with Perc 3/Di (rev 01).

Since we have for months data corruptions of files in a public Samba 
share (shared owith nogroup.nobody...), we're carrying on studies to 
find how it can happen..

Some ppl on samba lists told us this could come from bugs with aacraid.

Others tell us to upgrade the kernel.

Finaly, we'll upgrade to samba 3 really soon (not done yet because of 
LATIN1 => UNICODE issues).

But, I would like your advice about the Perc 3/Di (rev 01):

What to do to upgrade it? Shall we do it? What will we gain? Is there 
any risk in doing such?

Thanks a lot.

Jean-Paul ARGUDO

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