Missing megaraid_2002 from e.40

Conor_D_Wynne@Dell.com Conor_D_Wynne at Dell.com
Mon May 3 04:00:01 CDT 2004

Martin Rheumer wrote:
> Have just run the up2date for new kernels on Redhat ES 2.1
> to install the new kernel version 2.4.9-e.40 and it seems
> to be missing the megaraid_2002 module. As you can see in
> (propeld1)[/etc]root# mkinitrd
> /boot/initrd-2.4.9-e.3.40smp.img 2.4.9-e.40smp
> No module megaraid_2002 found for kernel 2.4.9-e.40smp

Its now called megaraid2.

Simply change your modules.conf and remake your initrd.


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