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You can use the LVM snapshot abilities in RHEL3 to create a snapshot of
the data and then mount it at the LVM mountpoint.  After that, you can
take the regular LVM offline to resize...  This may require more thought
ahead of time and disk space, but it works.

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	RHEL AS 3.0 now incorporates LVM which is great.  However, RH
only (officially) supports the ext2/3 filesystems in RHEL.  Since the
supported kernels do not include the patch for online resizing of ext2/3
filesystems, and they have dropped support for reiserfs, I don't see any
way of resizing filesystems online.  We want the flexibility of resizing
any/all filesystems without having to take them off-line, and it doesn't
appear possible.


	Red Hat is pushing the GFS filesystem since their acquisition of
Sistina, but there are 2 problems with this.  1) it's an additional
(hefty) cost per server and 2) it can not yet be used during
installation (kickstart)


	SLES out of the box obviously pushes reiserfs as the default FS,
which has supported on-line resizing (with LVM) as long as I can


	Am I missing something?  Has anyone found a solution to this


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