PE2650 ERA Floppy Boot AS 3.0

Sean Bruno sean.bruno at
Sun May 2 15:29:00 CDT 2004

Actually the "remote console" doesn't appear to work at all under AS 3
if X is running.

This does work under RH9 and such.  I understand that it can't actually
give me a remote X display in that Java window(I don't think I would
want that anyway), but it should be able to give me a console.

On Sun, 2004-05-02 at 10:15, Matthew_Wygant at wrote:
> There is a different install option you can set, I forget exactly which
> one, perhaps 'linux serial'...  I will look it up, but we have made it
> work for some other customers.
> -matt
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> Subject: PE2650 ERA Floppy Boot AS 3.0
> I don't exactly know what the failure here is, but it appears there is
> an inability of the ERA III in the 2650(running version 3.10) to display
> the "text" version of the floppy installer(kick start in my case, but
> acts the same in running "linux text").
> The "remote console" display a little bit of text(after I removed the
> lame RedHat image from the boot menu.  It then goes off and starts
> loading promptly going out to lunch after it attempts to start the
> installer app.
> What is even stranger, I wouldn't have noticed this if it wasn't for my
> kickstart, is that it appears to be working just fine and it is the JAVA
> console app from the ERA that is unable to display the AS text
> installer.
> I backed down the ERA firmware all the way back to 2.10 to make sure I
> wasn't crazy(I remember this working with RH9).  It appears to be the
> specific combination of AS 3 and the ERA.  RH9 works fine in "linux
> text" but AS 3 fails to display correctly.
> Is this a bug in the AS installer or in the ERA?
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