PE2650 ERA Floppy Boot AS 3.0

Sean Bruno sean.bruno at
Sun May 2 02:39:00 CDT 2004

I don't exactly know what the failure here is, but it appears there is
an inability of the ERA III in the 2650(running version 3.10) to display
the "text" version of the floppy installer(kick start in my case, but
acts the same in running "linux text").

The "remote console" display a little bit of text(after I removed the
lame RedHat image from the boot menu.  It then goes off and starts
loading promptly going out to lunch after it attempts to start the
installer app.

What is even stranger, I wouldn't have noticed this if it wasn't for my
kickstart, is that it appears to be working just fine and it is the JAVA
console app from the ERA that is unable to display the AS text

I backed down the ERA firmware all the way back to 2.10 to make sure I
wasn't crazy(I remember this working with RH9).  It appears to be the
specific combination of AS 3 and the ERA.  RH9 works fine in "linux
text" but AS 3 fails to display correctly.

Is this a bug in the AS installer or in the ERA?
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