URGENT - Failed Drive

Chris_Purcell@Dell.com Chris_Purcell at Dell.com
Sat May 1 06:14:01 CDT 2004

This is typical of a drive with SMART reporting errors on the drive as a
predictive failure. The drive is still online because it has not yet
failed, but the alert light is on because SMART has detected something
that is indicative of a failure on the way. To replace the drive safely,
do the following:
In dellmgr, select objects->physical drives->"drive affected" then hit
When the menu pops up select Force offline and take the drive offline.
Once it spins down (a few seconds at most) you should be able to safely
remove the drive. Swap your replacement/new drive into the drive carrier
and replace. That should be all it takes and the rebuild should start
As always you can force a rebuild to start manually by selecting the
drive and the 'rebuild' option from the menu but this should not be
necessary if the controller is up to date. :)

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From: "George Bagley" <poweredge at redeye.com>
To: <linux-poweredge at dell.com>
Subject: URGENT - Failed Drive
Date: Fri, 30 Apr 2004 15:09:04 +0100

I have an internal drive in a PowerEdge 6650 with the activity led
blinking amber.
The drive is a Seagate Cheetah 36GB drive in a hot swap cage.
I assume this means that the drive had failed - however when i look at
the drive in dellmgr (OS in redhat advanced server) the drive shows as
ONLIN in green.
I cannot find details anywhere about how to interpret the leds.  
Has the drive failed?  Can I just pull it out, insert a new one and
rebuild in dellmgr?

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